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Rhyming Story Books

The Krogglewot


What oh what is a 'Krogglewot'?

A Krogglewot is very rare, you won't just see one 'over there'!

He's a shy creature that dwells in the forest, with a magical talent and secret that you'll find hard to keep.


This brightly illustrated, charming fairy-tale is a delightful book for the young and 'young at heart'.

Mrs. Sweet, Mr. Sour
and the Salty Children

ASIN: B005FY638E

This is a comical ‘make believe’ story poem strictly for the ‘sweet toothed’.


‘Mrs. Sweet’ loves sugary treats, her children love salty snacks and her hubby simply loves his lemons. ‘Mrs. Sweet’ wishes they all shared her love of confectionary.


Discover how ‘Mrs. Sweet’ eventually gets her wish in this ‘tall tale’, sure to tickle the sweet toothed pink.

Red Carrot, Blue Carrot


This is a delightfully entertaining story poem with charming character illustrations.


Red Carrot and Blue Carrot have some extraordinary friends who you will enjoy meeting as the story unfolds.


What on earth is this story about?


Well you will have to read it to find out. You won’t be disappointed by this fun filled adventure for all.

The Fruity Jamboree


Join the fruits as they walk down the orange carpet to the prestigious Fruity Jamboree!


Charming fruit characters are waiting to include you in their fun filled festival.


This is a delightful, brightly illustrated story poem for all ages. An exciting way to introduce the little ones to a variety of fruits.

The Bold Adventures of
Rat and Mouse


Rat and Mouse are best friends living a fast paced life of mischief and adventure. Their story is told in rhyme and aimed to charm children from beginning to end. 

Journey with Rat and Mouse as their exciting life changing experiences pan out. A tall tale filled with thrills, laughs and good old make believe fun. 

Unsuitable for people who have serious aversions to rodents, perfect for those who don’t!

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