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The 'Very Yellow Duck'


The ‘Very yellow duck’ is tired of the same routine each day. Every night he is tucked in the barn with the other yellow ducks. One night he decides to rebel and stay on the water.

He soon lands up going on the wackiest, out of this world adventure that he could ever imagine.

This delightful, funny and fabulously illustrated story is filled with excitement for all ages.

Pick of the Week
Looney Bird's Limericks

ASIN: B00942JF0G

Looney Bird’s Limericks is a short collection of ludicrous limericks.
The limericks are coupled with comical character illustrations, sure to surprise and stir up some chuckles. 
A mixed bag of assorted humor enlivened with entertaining pictures.

* Some limericks may offend sensitive people.

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