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The Krogglewot


What oh what is a 'Krogglewot'?

A Krogglewot is very rare, you won't just see one 'over there'!

He's a shy creature that dwells in the forest, with a magical talent and secret that you'll find hard to keep.


This brightly illustrated, charming fairy-tale is a delightful book for the young and 'young at heart'.

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Loopy Lemur's Ludicrous Rhymes


Loopy Lemur isn’t just a zany artist who paints with his tail.

He loves to rhyme in a ludicrous, ‘funtastic’ fashion.

This book has a collection of 27, four-line, witty rhymes for all ages.

Delightfully bright, comical illustrations will beckon you back time and again.

A wonderful ‘read to me’ book for the little ones, or suitable for new readers 6 years and up

Pick of the Week
Looney Bird's Limericks

ASIN: B00942JF0G

Looney Bird’s Limericks is a short collection of ludicrous limericks.
The limericks are coupled with comical character illustrations, sure to surprise and stir up some chuckles. 
A mixed bag of assorted humor enlivened with entertaining pictures.

* Some limericks may offend sensitive people.

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